PAX East 2020 is just a few short months away and we’ve just received word that badges for this four-day gaming extravaganza in Beantown will be going ON SALE LATER TODAY at 3pm EST / Noon PST.

A little earlier in the year (so bring a jacket), the show will run from Thursday, February 7th through Sunday, March 1st and if the past is any indication, these tickets will likely sell out rather quickly, (especially Friday and Saturday), so grab them as soon as possible.

If you live on, or near the East Coast and are a video and/or tabletop gaming fan, then you should really consider attending at least one day of the show. Thursdays and Sundays tend to be a little less crowded but equally as fun.

We’ll update this post with availability once sales open, but single-day badges will sell for $60, with four-day badges available for $225 and there will likely be some exclusive merchandise items that can be purchased when buying your badges.

This is an absolutely fantastic show, which I’ve attended it every year since it started on the East Coast, so again, I highly recommend checking it out for at least one of the four days.

Tickets have only been on sale for an hour now and all of the individual Saturday badges are already SOLD OUT!

That means unless you were one of the lucky ones, the only way you’ll be able to attend PAX East on Saturday now, is to grab the full 4-Day pass or wait and see if some additional Saturday tickets are released at a later date.