Over the past few weeks, Blizzard Entertainment has been releasing card images and other details regarding their next big Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

Today, they’ve officially announced that the expansion will launch next Thursday, August 10th.

In Knights of the Frozen Throne, players will battle their way through Icecrown, “taking on the Scourge’s most terrifying leaders, ultimately facing off against the Lich King himself in a series of solo missions that will pose a significant challenge to even the most experienced Hearthstone players”.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion will include:

  • 135 new cards (See all of the cards that have been revealed thus far.)
  • Legendary Hero Cards – when played, transforms our nine heroes into fearsome Death Knights and gives players modified hero powers.
  • Eight free missions – fight epic bosses and a final showdown against the Lich King himself. Reward: get a free legendary card from completing the prologue and earn a card pack for each completed wing.
  • Lifesteal – new keyword and strength that heals players for damage dealt.
  • A pre-purchase a bundle of 50 cards packs is available for one-time price of $49.99.

Last month at San Diego Comic Con, Blizzard even set up a fun Ice Cream Citadel installation where the Lich King was both a purveyor of death and icy treats.

Blizzard also launched a series of humorous Lich King at Blizzard videos (made in collaboration with Hollywood comedian/actor/writer Brian Posehn) in which the Lord of the Scourge has interviewed for a job at Blizzard’s HQ and opened the Ice Cream Citadel. Now, in the latest installment, the Lich King has embarked on his new career at Blizzard.

Check out the trailer for Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion below:

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