alto_ssg_02Since launching Super Stickman Golf 3 nearly two months ago, Noodlecake has already added a number of downloadable courses exclusively for the players who purchased the game’s $2.99 in-app Premium upgrade.

First there was the tough, loopy Roller Coast course as well as the saw-blade infested challenge of Shipyard as well as the (super) fan-designed and submitted course Graph Land course. Drawn out by hand on graph paper “complete with pars, ghost flags and more” the team at Noodlecake thought it was so good, they matched it almost 1:1 in the game.


For their latest downloadable course offering Noodlecake recreates the world of another iOS classic, Alto’s Adventure. Noodlecake previously worked with the team at Snowman to help bring Alto’s Adventure to Android and thought it would be fun to bring this frigid banner, windmill, snowy slope filled world to Super Stickman Golf 3.

As you can imagine, the result is a rather fun course with plenty of obstacles and little crevasses to get stuck in.

If you have already purchased the $2.99 Premium upgrade, then just visit the downloadable courses section and it will be waiting there for you to download. Otherwise this adds even more value to the one-time unlock price and another reason to get it.

Download your copy of Super Stickman Golf 3 below: