tt_uk_pennsylvania-inside-940Yesterday Days of Wonder and Asmodee Digital surprised us with another update to their amazing Ticket to Ride app.

Along with the usual bug fixes, the update also adds the much-anticipated new Pennsylvania map. This new map is of particular interest because instead of only offering a new 2-5 player board, it introduces a whole new tactical, Stock Shares system as well as specific 2-player rules (which utilize a dummy third-player).

How do these Stock Shares work?

ttr)pennsylvania_02Well, according to the rules, In Ticket to Ride: Pennsylvania, when a player claims a route, they may also take the top Stock Share from any of the Railroads listed on the route they’ve claimed. There are a few routes with no logos attached to them: these routes do not grant any Stock Share. If all the Stock Shares of a Railroad have already been taken, the player must choose a Share in another Railroad listed on the route. Stock Shares are kept hidden from the other players.

At the end of the game, players reveal their Stock Shares and sort them by Railroad. Each Railroad is then scored, with players being awarded points based on the number of shares they have in the given Railroad, zero shares means zero points. If there is a tie, then the player with the lowest numbered Share among the tied players is considered to have the most, as they invested in that Railroad first. If more players have Shares in a Railroad than the number of available points paying places, then the player(s) with the least Shares score nothing. Finally there is a big 15 point Globetrotter bonus awarded to the player(s) who completed the most Tickets by end of the game.

ttr_pennsylvania_iapThe new Pennsylvania map is available as a single $4.99 purchase and once purchased, it will be available across all of your devices.

It is worth noting that unlike the physical board game version of this expansion, this map update ONLY includes the Pennsylvania map and does NOT include the United Kingdom map as well. The United Kingdom map is still being developed for digital and will be available at a later date for a separate purchase.

To celebrate the new Pennsylvania map, the base Ticket to Ride game app is currently on sale for $2.99 (almost 60% off).

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