Frogmind recently announced the studio’s first game, BADLAND, but details are hard to come by.

Right now there are just a couple of rather striking images for the game, one of which features a sunlit forest and the silhouettes of two boy-like bunny creatures. We don’t know much about the actual game itself other than it is “an atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.” The second image, also created with in-game assets, is an equally captivating forest landscape.

Frogmind is a new, Finnish independent two-man studio, made up Johannes Vuorinen and Juhana Myllys, both ex-RedLynx employees who have worked on such big-name titles as Trials Evolution & MotoHeroz. The duo is ready to strike out on their own, and on the Touch Arcade forums, Myllys , assured players that game is not just about stunning visuals, a lot of thought has gone into the game play as well and that it was their primary focus before tackling the graphical style.

Although we have put a lot of effort on the visuals we are still doing this game with a “gameplay first” mentality. Before we started doing any visuals we had a spot on gameplay mechanics and a clear vision on what kind of game BADLAND will be. After that it was easy to start building everything else around it.

For now the duo is remaining coy on the specific details of the game, but they did setup a DevCam in their studio last week which broadcasts live video of them developing BADLAND, teasing that you might even catch glimpses of things they haven’t officially announced yet.

Since the studio is in Helsinki Finland, you should see some action on the DevCam, weekdays from 8am to 8pm (GMT+2), which I believe equates to about 2am to 2pm EST.

This is one title we will definitely be following, so you can expect to hear more about it in the coming months.