512x512bbIf you were looking for an exciting mobile MOBA to play, look no further than Ace of Arenas which is out right now on iOS and Android.

It launched back in September 2015, and has had a ton of new content added since then following a whopping five major updates.

We wanted to break down exactly what was added though, so read on for the best three new features in Ace of Arenas.


MOBA fans love their different modes and Ace of Arenas doesn’t disappoint.

3v3, 5v5, and Ranked Modes were added following launch to appeal to the more hardcore crowd who want to focus on strategy and climbing leaderboards.

5-spectator mode

However, some players simply want a faster-paced game to play on their lunch break and that’s Fast and Furious Mode to a T. This is played on the Timeless Enclave map which includes a few super buffs and a bonus to movement speed to ensure a faster playing experience, which lasts under 10 minutes.

Then there’s Spectator Mode which, as the name suggests, lets you watch games if you’re in the mood to chill or just want to pick up a few new tactics.

9-Battle optimization


As you can expect, a bunch of new champions were also added – and the total now stands at a massive 54.

The best part is each of the have fully customisable skins, abilities, and weapons.

Social Play

Last, but absolutely not least, are improvements to social play, which includes a new Clan System. Here you can add a bunch of friends and fight against other clans in higher level ranked battles.

This requires some serious organization though – and that’s now easier than ever. Using the new signaling system you can pass on messages on the fly to your friends.

7-Recruit and share function

And you’ll get rewarded for doing just that now, thanks to a series of tasks you can complete which are based around social play, and grant you prizes like the Legacy Musaya Skin.

Finally, if you’re performing well you’ll be grateful to find the new share button which allows you to, well, share your goings on with your friends on social media.

We’re not done yet

And the hard work doesn’t stop there. Gaea Mobile has already planned some exciting new content that will launch later in 2016.

You can expect new champions, optimizations, and even a new eSports-style Pro League and tournaments to battle your way through.

If that all sounds very tempting to you, head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now to check out the expanded Ace of Arenas.

Download your copy of Game of Dice below:

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