pax-east-2016-logoWelcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join us this week as Trevor and I check out new Apple hardware, fight aliens with music, guide fluids through mazes, chase after kidnapping monsters in forests, and I spend a little time at the Penny Arcade.

I’m back from vacation and PAX East and so this week we start off the podcast with a look at Apple’s somewhat unimpressive update to the 12″ Macbook, then I do a little recap of some of my favorite iOS games from PAX East.

Then we dive into new games with a discussion about the rhythm-based lane defense game LOUD on Planet X, the re-launch of the excellent tilt-based puzzle game Alchemic Maze and the beautiful LIMBO-inspired puzzle platformer ported over from the PC Toby: The Secret Mine.

We hope you enjoy the show…

Here are some links to the games I mentioned in my PAX East highlights in case you wanted to know more about them:


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