Rayman_Adventures_Logo_HDRayman Adventures launched on iOS and Android two weeks ago, and has since placed in the App Store’s ‘Best of 2015‘.

If you’ve played either of the fantastic previous outings, Jungle Run or Fiesta Run, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. You’ll run through UbiArt-developed levels, whacking bad guys, hoarding Lums, and rescuing the poor Teensies.

There’s a greater focus on exploration than before though, as you can now swipe to change direction at any time.

Rayman and his Viking companion Barbara are on a mission to recover the stolen ancient eggs which keep the sacred tree -and the enchanted forest – safe.


These eggs contain Rayman’s strongest ally to date – the Incrediballs. They may look weird (and adorable) but they each have useful abilities that help Rayman to achieve the highest score – and all of the rewards – in all of the levels.

There are Seekers, which search for hidden treasure and Teensies, Protectors which defend you from enemies, and Inhalers which suck up nearby Lums.

Up to three Incrediballs can join you in a level, and their abilities will increase in intensity if you choose more than one of the same type.

For example, if you choose three Inhalers, they’ll pull in far more Lums than a single one would.

Collecting Incrediballs is your real mission in Rayman Adventures, as they help to restore the sacred tree back to its former glory.

Each time you unlock one, the sacred tree grows and the amount at which it does depends on the level of rarity of your Incrediball.


There are four levels of rarity – bronze, silver, gold, and crystal – and the rarer the Incrediball is, the more the tree will grow.

You can check on the progress of your sacred tree at any time, and compare yours against your friends’. This is a fun minigame in itself as you all compete to grow the biggest tree.

The Incrediballs also live in the tree and you can play with them, feed them, and create music with them using the Creatures Beatbox.

Around 20 Incrediball families were available in Rayman Adventures at launch, and two more have been released in the latest update.

There’s the Cutieflowers, an adorable bunch of Seekers, and the Furballs, a mean family of Protectors.

Also included in the update are three new levels and two festive costumes for Rayman and Barbara.

Rayman Adventures is available right now from the App Store [download] or Google Play [download].

Download your copy of Rayman Adventures below:

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