ipadproiphoneseWelcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join us this week’s as Trevor and I let our iPhones keep track of the movies we’ve seen. Then we hop around trap-filled forests, fire projectiles while spinning in circles, play cards in numerical order and try to avoid combustible cats.

We start off with some breaking news in the Apple v Federal Government iPhone hacking case that came out just before we started recording and remind people that the new iPhone SE and 9.7″ iPad Pro will be available in stores this Thursday.

Then we look at an app for tracking/rating the films you’ve seen and sharing this info with friends.

On the games front, we shoot down enemies in a retro arcade game called Super Arc Light, puzzle around with a royal rabbit in the Furdemption sequel, King Rabbits, then it’s onto a couple of digital card games. First we try to avoid making a mess with the recently updated Exploding Kittens® app and I give my impressions of the challenging solo play of The Game.

We hope you enjoy the show…


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