Core Worlds Digital is now available for download (for the iPad Only).
However, adding insult to delays I still have not received my code for the game from the Kickstarter campaign.

Plus according to the description of my $5 Barbarian Warlord I was supposed to get “…(1) digital card (exclusive to the digital game) for free (later to be sold as an in-app purchase). You will also receive the digital game two weeks before the public release date.

So much for that two week’s early and unless the 99¢ is just a launch price while they generate the gift codes for backers and/or that exclusive digital card is a $3.99 IAP,
I would have just been better off not backing the project, going through this year plus of disappointment and delays and buying the game for a buck instead.


It looks like the price of Core Worlds Digital has gone up to $5.99. So the 99¢ price seems to be a temp price they are dropping the app to while they buy/gift out copies to backers, that way they are only really paying Apple 30¢ per copy instead of $1.80 (once Apple takes its 30% cut).

If you are not a backer, Broken Myth said they will be sending more backers their copies throughout the week, so watch for more price drops if you want to grab the game at a deal.

Only a mere 15 months after it was supposed to be delivered, the successfully Kickstarted digital release of Stronghold Game’s sci-fi themed card drafting and hand management card game, Core Worlds is finally getting released.

Kickstarter-logoThis evening in backer-only update, project backers just received word from Broken Myth Studios that Apple has approved the iOS release of the app, and backers will start receiving their copies this week (via gifted copies).

I assume that this means the game will also be widely available this week as well.

core-worlds-screen01Broken Myth Studios grossly underestimated the amount of time, resources and cost involved with this large-scale digital port and admitted in one campaign update that “the amount of hours that we’ve invested into Core World Digital has surpassed 10x what Kickstarter brought in…in [their] nine years of existence, this game has been the largest investment [their] studio has ever made.”

As a backer of this project since July of 2014, I’m excited to hear that is finally about to see the light of day. I heard some talk that at launch, there will still be some forthcoming features and tweaks that will need to be implemented in order to get the app feature compliant with what was promised to backers, but at least this is a tangible start.

For those of you keeping track, that means after this week, I’ll just have one still-to-be-delivered Kickstarted iOS board game app remaining…Playdek and Twilight Struggle Digital Edition I’m looking at you.

Download your copy of Core Worlds Digital below: