minecraft-story-mode_1001286466_ipad_04March is going out strong with a bunch of nice new game releases.

For starters, Telltale has launched new episodes for both its humorous Minecraft: Story Mode (episode 5) and thrilling The Walking Dead: Michonne adventure game series (episode 2). So if you already own one or both of these titles, there is new content waiting for you.

miitomo_1073816197_ipad_01.jpgMiitomo is Nintendo’s first official foray into iOS apps. Unfortunately not really a game, but rather more of a gamification of Social Media, Miitomo allows users to represent themselves as completely customizable Miis. Choose your facial features and outfit your Mii from a wide library of ever-changing options. And it doesn’t stop there, you can also change how your Mii sounds, moves and behaves. Learn more about your friends and share details about yourself by answering periodic questions posed to your Mii. Your Mii will then visit your friends’ Miis to show off their latest outfits and share details about themselves. It’s a pretty neat concept and a fun little time waster, but I tend to lose interest in these types of things fairly quickly and I have to wonder if it won’t be long until my Mii joins my neglected Tamagotchi and other virtual pets.

marvel-avengers-alliance-2_960544475_ipad_02.jpgMarvel Entertainment has once again assembled on the App Store with Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, the sequel to their hit superhero combat game. This second outing features “greater customization, and amazing high quality visuals”. Select from iconic Marvel heroes like The Avengers, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy and more to assemble your elite team of Marvel Super Heroes to take on the Super Villains in 3-on-3 combat. Fans of the Marvel franchise will certainly want to check this one out.

hammer-bomb_1074006236_ipad_02.jpgThe latest offering from Crescent Moon Games, Hammer Bomb is a really neat first-person dungeon crawler where players explore dark, maze-like dungeons, collect treasures, pick up weapons and do battle with a variety of monsters. Coins can then be used to unlock permanent perks and upgrades like additional weapon slots, which persist for future dungeon dives. The game features simple tap and swipe controls, a fun classic Wolfenstein voxel first-person visual aesthetic, funny junk food chasing side quests, boss battles and plenty of replay value…a fun freebie for sure!

flipped-out-powerpuff-girls_997878440_ipad_01There’s danger in Townsville and residents once again, need the help of the Powerpuff Girls. A fully voiced all-new Powerpuff adventure unfolds in a a really cool mashup of beat-em up, real-time strategy and match-3, Powerpuff Girls in Flipped Out gives players the ability to enjoy the game in whichever manner they’d like, simply by flipping their device. Orient your iDevice in portrait mode to flip to “sugar” mode where the game takes on a much more strategic slant as you use the Powerpuff girls to try to line up groupings of 3 or more like-colored creatures to defeat them. If you want more of a fighting game, you can flip to the landscape “spice” mode where you will be trying to assign Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to the waves on oncoming enemies where they will attack and take them out. In either mod, you get to control all three of the Powerpuff Girls simultaneously and you can flip between modes as much or as little as you like, choosing whatever suits your mood or play style the best. Unlockable stickers can be used to upgrade each of the girls’ stats or to bestow them with new powers. The multiple ways of play almost feels like you are getting two different games in one.

r.b.i.-baseball-16_1061197325_ipad_02.jpgIt was opening day this week for the latest iteration of the popular Baseball game franchise, R.B.I. Baseball 16. With 30 MLB teams plus up to date rosters, you can select your favorite team, then bat and field your way to victory in a single exhibition game, a full season or just the post season. If you don’t have time to play every game in the season, you can even simulate individual games at will. This is my first experience with this franchise and so fare I have been enjoying it, though I should note that with the default settings enabled the CPU AI set to ‘medium’ difficulty and the fielding is set to ‘assisted’. I found with these settings it is nearly impossible for either team to actually score a run and you’ll see game after game go into loads of extra innings with run-less inning after run-less inning. The ‘assisted’ takes virtually all of the challenge out of fielding and your players are going to catch every fly ball, leaving you with very little actual fielding to do except to toss the ball to one of the bases to try to get out runners. For a greater challenge, I’d highly recommending changing the fielding to ‘standard’ mode and offsetting this a little by also lowering the CPU difficulty to “easy”. This makes the game much more well-rounded, interactive and fun. This one is a beast and will take up a whopping 2.5 GB of space.

lego-jurassic-world_1073698593_ipad_02.jpgAnyone who reads this site will know that I am a big fan of Warner Bros. and TT Game’s Lego titles. They port very well to mobile platforms offering a ton of gameplay for a relatively low cost which is usually substantially cheaper than console prices, but nearly just as satisfying (with the only piece missing being cooperative play). The latest Lego title to hit mobile is LEGO® Jurassic World™. Howerever, don’t let the name fool you, it not just based on the latest film in the franchise, but actually covers ALL FOUR of the Jurassic Park films. In addition to a plethora of memorable and iconic unlockable characters from the franchise, it appears that you also have the ability to play as 16 different dinosaurs “including the friendly Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy and even the mighty T. rex” and even experiment with DNA strands to build your very own, original dinosaur species using collected LEGO amber. You’ll love playing through your favorite scenes from all four films and there is so much gameplay , here that LEGO® Jurassic World™ is a bargain-priced $4.99 app, though I should note that it will take up almost a GB of space on your device, so make sure you clear a little room.

core-worlds-digital_955027240_ipad_01.jpgFinally that brings us to Core Worlds Digital, a digital board game port of Stronghold Game’s popular deck-building card game. I’ve already gone into detail on this before, however the game has finally reached the App Store (15 months late) and lacking some key features like a tutorial, Network Play and iPhone support, but at least backers (like myself) finally will get to check it out. This is a game I’ve been hoping to check out for a while now. At the time of this writing I just received my backer code, and since I’ve never played the physical release before, it looks like I’m going to have to watch this how to play video before I can check this one out.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.
There are some nice upcoming titles which appear to be on tap for next week, April’s first full week of new releases.

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