trivia-crack-charsEtermax, the studio behind the quiz game sensation, Trivia Crack has a big year planned with two new app releases and new features planned for both its existing Trivia Crack and Trivia Crack Kingdoms games.

Trivia Crack has over 200 millions users worldwide and has topped the charts in over 36 countries, but Etermax isn’t resting on their laurels and plans to roll out 3D touch support, Hindi language support, community and private game channels, solo play, accessibility features as well as additional new social and gameplay features in the coming year.

The franchise is expanding with two additional titles…

Etermax will be releasing two more games in the Trivia Crack universe, one aimed at a more social experience and the other catering to a younger audience.

Trivia Crack X
This new social app will let users create and share multimedia quiz questions that they create themselves with photos, images and 30-second videos. Users can also add funny “Trivia Crack” frames around the images and share them as animated gifs, videos and pictures on Facebook and Twitter. “Trivia Crack X” will be a standalone app and available for free on iOS and Android.

Trivia Crack – Kids Edition
Why should teens and adults have all the fun? This new kid-friendly version of “Trivia Crack” will feature trivia questions aimed at elementary school aged children. With the aim of educating and enlightening youngsters, “Trivia Crack” Kids Edition will have all the colorful characters of the original, but with new twists that are sure to delight kids of all ages!

The upcoming Kid’s Edition is especially interesting for me personally as I think my 8 year-old daughter will really enjoy this. So I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for that one!

Download your copies Etermax’s trivia games below: