“It’s bigger, it’s prettier, and best of all: it will be free to try before you buy.” One Man Left Studios has just announced that they will be releasing Tilt to Live’s iPad incarnation this September. I’f you were expecting just a mere resolution bump, then you don’t know One Man left Studios. Instead, the “HD edition” will feature completely revamped weapon effects and tilt controls specifically optimized for the iPad platform. All four of the iPhone’s gametypes (Classic, Code Red, Gauntlet and Frostbite) will also be returning, but with new super-sized play areas that are 4x the size of the iPhone version!

That’s four times the space to flee in Code Red, and twice the ground to defend in Frostbite. The current nine-weapon arsenal will also be available to unlock, each sporting an impressive graphical facelift. And speaking of unlocks, the AGON platform will be reprising its role as TtL HD’s (rebalanced) awards and leaderboards provider.

But what’s all this “free to try” business about? Well, in the spirit of drug dealers and food court Chinese restaurants, we’re offering our users a sampling of TtL HD absolutely free of charge. In demo mode, you’ll fight for the highest score in a giant Classic gametype with its own demo leaderboard. There will be four freshly-beautified weapon pickups at your disposal: the nuke, blastwave, cluster missiles, and ice blast.
If you likey what we makey, you can access the full version for a $3.99 in-app purchase. That’s five unlockable weapons, rebalanced award challenges, all four giant-sized gametypes, and the iPad-exclusive leaderboards for each.

One Man Left has even launched a new site where you can find all the latest news related to Tilt to Live HD. Now feast your eyes on several glorious screenshots below: