PSY_potraitGame of Dice has received a new update based on the popular South Korean singer songwriter PSY, and you can get 2,500 gems worth of gems for free just by logging in.

The best part? You can now play as PSY.
A new character, ‘Daddy PSY’, has been released which is inspired by the music video for his new song, ‘Daddy’.

The character specializes in Mini Battles and Toll Increases and is available until January 22nd as an IAP.

PSYDICEPSY himself recorded all of the lines in both English and Korean. You can watch this live by viewing the making-of video below.

Also included is the PSY Dice which is free to those who log in on launch day, as you’ll get PSY Dice fragments.

There’s also a few events being held to celebrate the update, and you can get PSY Dice fragments by participating.

Last but not least is a club-themed event map which, when played on, rewards you with crafting items like Sunglasses, Bowties, and Microphones.


If you haven’t experienced it yet, Game of Dice is played on a multi-tiled board and you have to throw a dice to make your way around it, taking all properties you land on.

Complete a lap of the board and the value of these rises – as well as the tolls you collect from opposing players if they land on them.

Game of Dice sets itself apart from others in the genre with its variety of skill cards, dice, and characters – each of which provides unique abilities that you can use to overcome the competition.

Game of Dice has performed strongly since launch, ranking first place in the Hong Kong Top Grossing Game Charts in the App Store and third on Google Play’s Game Charts. It’s also managed to hit over 4.5 million downloads.

Game of Dice is out right now in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

Download your copy of Game of Dice below:

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