panzer_waltz-04Coming to Android first on January 20th and followed shortly by an iOS release in Q2 2016, Honk Kong-based Happy Universe has just announced their upcoming anime-styled tank battle game Panzer Waltz.

A unique concept to say the least, Panzer Waltz tasks players with commanding their team of Metal Maidens (“biomechanically enhanced young women with tank-like attributes”) in fierce battles against cyborg beasts and various other enemies. The Metal Maidens are .

You’ll have to upgrade your technologies and level up your squad of maidens if you want to be victorious.

Panzer Waltz will feature three different game modes: A single-player story campaign, which focuses on the RPG elements and PvE battles, a PvP Clash mode and a PvE mission-based Event mode.

“After almost two years of development, an overwhelmingly positive launch in China and a comprehensive localization effort, Panzer Waltz is ready for an English release,” says Martin Ma, CEO, Happy Universe. “With its gorgeous anime art-style, colorful cast of characters on an epic journey and engaging gameplay, Panzer Waltz will keep gamers busy for months to come.”

The game will be free-to-play with the standard system of optional in-app purchases for in-game currency.

It’s somewhat risqué art style may not be for everyone, but if this looks like your type of game, you can get more information on Panzer Waltz you can at the official website: