Walking Dead: The Game, Episode Three – Long Road Ahead is now available for download on iOS.

iOS gamers can finally get their hands on the much-anticipated, third episode of Telltale’s game series based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book, The Walking Dead.

If you already own the Walking Dead: The Game, then you can purchase third episode directly within the app for $4.99. Otherwise you can purchase a season pass for $14.99 which gives you access to all five of the episodes as they are released. Essentially this gives you one episode for free over buying each individually for $4.99. If you previously purchased the season pass (like I did) then you can just log in and download the third episode now for free.

The fourth episode (which has been receiving incredibly good reviews by PC and console gamers) as well as the final episode of the season will be coming to iOS later this year.

Personally, I am really enjoying this series and it is quite possibly the best work that Telltale has produced to date.

Here is an ‘Accolades’ trailer for the third episode, though I haven’t watched it yet myself, so IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.