Swampy is stepping out of the shower and into all new adventures.

Disney has just launched the first episode of Swampy’s Underground Adventures, a brand new web series based on their hugely successful mobile game, Where’s My Water?.

Taking the opposite approach of his ‘Where’s My’ game counterparts Phineas & Ferb, who started on TV before making the leap to games, our never clean enough hero Swampy the alligator is ready to leave his mobile game bathroom and explore the sewers for new experiences.

To celebrate the series launch, Disney is holding special events at Disney stores across the country this Saturday October 20th with a “sneak peek of the all new Where’s My Water web series and celebrate all things Swampy with activities, puzzles, and more”.

You and your children can be one of the first to see the all new episodes premiering exclusively at Disney Store.

Shows will start at 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm (local time), plus you’ll receive a free Where’s My Water sticker sheet for attending the event (while supplies last) and have a chance to win a Swampy plush toy.

Click here to find your closest Disney Store Location that is hosting this event.

You can watch the first episode below:

Swampy’s Underground Adventures – Episode 1: Meet Swampy on Disney Video

Download copies of Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?