perils-man-chapter-1-adventure_742987884_ipad_04It seems like ever since February, there has been a constant onslaught of new games, and tonight seems to be no exception.

Starting things off with some freebies we have a brilliant looking new episodic adventure game designed by former LucasArts’ geniuses who worked on classics like “The Curse of Monkey Island’. Perils of Man: Chapter 1 is the first (obviously) of several episodes in a modern 3D point and click adventure game series that follows teenager Ana Eberling as she “tries to solve the mystery of her father, a rogue scientist who vanished when she was just a little girl”. As a huge fan of the LucasArts games as a kid, I can’t wait to dive into this one.

Next up is a new ‘urban development strategy game’ from the folks at Game Insight, called Adventure Era. It is set in a richly animated and illustrated fictional village in which you must help guide the development of the strange inhabitants from developing the economy and expanding the territory, to modernizing their technology. It looks like it offers a good deal of game play for those of you who like civilization and simulation style games.

Ikue is a classic-style puzzle game where players try to fit all of the provided odd-shaped puzzle pieces into 5×5 grid containing a collection of dots. The free download contains 100 basic levels, with the ability to unlock 400 additional levels within the app.

cat-vs.-aliens_821138199_ipad_02Team Chaos’s latest offering, Cat vs. Aliens, it is up to a “Pepto” pink protagonist, a telekinetic feline, to save humanity as he uses brain power to fire projectiles at the endless onslaught of alien invaders, invoking his superpower…The Purricane…when absolutely necessary.

Tau Ceti is a single-player 2D tabletop sci-fi strategy game where you must defend your starship from enemy raids. The Tau Ceti system is one of the few worlds which still has a supply of resources and it is up to you to protect them from endless waves of aliens and space pirates looking to greedily pilfer them for themselves. It is a card-driven game in which you must “master your orbital space to defeat your enemies: asteroid fields, nebulae…”. I’m interested to see how the mechanics of this one work as there are apparently over 700 cards to collect!

And the final freebie is a challenge of reflexes. Jump! Chump! should appeal to the Flappy Bird set with its minimalist aesthetics and tap to avoid, leaderboard driven gameplay.

Amber Halls is the first of two new roguelike games I’ll be mentioning this week, though this one is more of a puzzle and strategy game, it once again adopts a more minimalist art style. You are an adventurer, wandering the halls of the palace, fighting monsters and discovering ancient artifacts and treasures. More powerful items can be picked up to aid you in your quest, but “carrying items from room to room will prove very challenging”. To keep you coming back, every day there will be new quests to complete and there is a new map for all players to compete within for ownership of the daily leaderboards.

dudeski_804289161_ipad_01Space Maniac looks like a fun little endless retro arcade shooter complete with 8-bit soundtrack. And also in the 8-bit vibe is Dudeski, a downhill slalom racing game spread across 4 mountains. Every run is different and there are unlockable shortcuts and gear and no IAP. This one looks like a fun Winter weather companion to Cubed Snowboarding.

Developed by Empty Flask Games and published by Bulkypix, Penombre is an atmospheric endless running/flying game that follows a Witch named Umbra who is on a perilous journey through the woods, warding off dangerous creatures with her powers and avoiding deadly obstacles.

Puzzling Rush is another matching / RPG mashup, this time with an appealing looking medieval /fantasy theme. A FREE version is also available to check out before you buy.

Oceanhouse Media has two more titles for your little ones to enjoy this week, featuring dinosaurs and the Berenstain Bears. Pteranodon Soars is another of their Smithsonian series of interactive books which take your kids on a prehistoric adventure. The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days shows exactly what it’s like for a kid to stay home sick from school as Mother Bear takes care of Sister Bear while she is feeling ill. Both titles are on sale for $1 off launch.

Lich Tower of Doom RPG is a rather interesting looking rougelike, table top game mashup. It appears to have lost some of its early unique UI design that paid homage to the old-school graph-paper of pen and paper RPGs, but still features hand drawn illustrations and plenty of randomly built dungeons to go crawling in as players try to make their way to, and ultimately defeat, the Lich Lord.

glorkian-warrior-trials-glork_816399139_ipad_01Glorkian Warrior: Trials Of Glork’s crazy crude hand drawn doodley art style (courtesy of award-winning comic book artist James Kochalka) quickly grabs your attention. This bizarre retro-ish Kickstarted cartoon alien shoot’em up features an alien with a laser backpack shooting at invading ships Galaga-style…what’s not to like?!

First Strike Game is a single-player nuclear war real-time strategy game from Swiss development studio FEINHEIT GmbH. Despite the subject matter and genre, it doesn’t appear to be a heavy game, with typical reported play times of just ten minutes each, and a good deal of replayability. Somewhat educational, but still entertaining, First Strike looks like a real standout title for this week.

surgeon-simulator_814977594_ipad_01Finally that brings us to Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios’ game which puts you into the orthopedic shoes of talented surgeon Nigel Burke with a high KD ratio. Unfortunately for your unlucky patient Bob, you are not always the most successful or orthodox purveyor of your craft and failed surgeries and Bob ending up D.O.A. on your operating table are too often the norm. Do you think you have the steady hands to perform heart, double-kidney, teeth and eye transplants? Then make sure your malpractice insurance is paid up and step into Bossa Studios’ digital operating room.

I’m sure there are probably other titles I could have mentioned, but if I did, you’d (hopefully) still be reading this and still not playing the new releases…so I’ll stop now.

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