Today I’m reviewing the upcoming DasKeyboard Model S Professional, this time designed specifically for the Mac.

This keyboard by far is for elite gamers and typists alike.

I know what you are thinking…this is not an iOS-related product, but since many people that read this site are Mac Owners I figured I’d review my new toy for you anyways. Plus, the manufacturer does claim that “Since Das Keyboard for Mac has a dedicated USB 2.0 hub connector, its built-in hub is faster and more powerful: charging and syncing your iPhone, iPad, iPod or other USB devices goes much faster than with most keyboards.”

Enjoy the review.


  • German-engineered mechanical key switches
  • Built-in USB hub
  • Extra-long USB cable
  • 6-key rollover (i.e. 6 keys pressed simultaneously. Great for gamers and fast typist.)
  • Sleep function
  • Special keys
  • Mac keys

Additional Product Images