As a Water Polo player, I take my diet very seriously. I count my calories, watch what I eat, and make sure I burn enough every day. With that said, if you’re like me, Nanobit Software’s Tap & Track Calorie Tracker may interest you.

Tap & Track provides a list of foodstuff as well as their nutritional content. While I am not sure where they get their information from, it all seems fairly accurate to me. When you first start up the app, it will ask for information like your body weight, as well as what you want to achieve. Key these details in and you’re good to go.

The app allows you to keep a food log, recording whatever you’ve consumed for the past 24 hours on a single page. You can then backtrack, and check on what you’ve eaten for previous days, and if necessary, the app will produce a graph for you to compare your caloric intake and output. In comparison to the other food trackers out there, Tap & Track seems the best to me thus far, mainly because it does not require an Internet connection to access its broad database. While this may not bother iPhone users, owners of the iPod Touch may find it a hassle to have to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot just to enter their calories.

Speaking of the database, Tap & Track provides an extensive variety of food, neatly separated into categories, including a selection of 680 restaurants. From Wendy’s, to Bad Ass Coffee, this app provides a list of popular restaurants and the meals they serve. If you happen to not be dining at such a place (which happens most of the time) you may search the Supermarket category, or even enter the free search, where you will be able to find an intensive array of edible goods, from eggs cooked in almost every way, to different types of cheese. Despite being an offline app, the database is huge in comparison to others that also do not require an internet connection.

The app also allows you to enter how many calories you have burned, be it through a game of soccer, or an intense session at the gym. A simple touch will bring up a menu whereby you can select from a list of activities, from water sports to doing push ups. Alternatively, you may enter the amount of calories you’ve burnt manually if you do not find your selection in the screen.

However, Tap & Track is not without its shortcomings. As an Asian, I searched far and wide for an application that would provide an offline database of food native to me, specifically goodies from my homeland Singapore. However, what disappointed me was the lack of Asian food in the databank. Hence, I have been unable to find the perfect app that suits my needs thus far. Either they require an internet connection, or they do not have a broad enough selection.

In Conclusion

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