So you’ve decided to stop being addicted to your iDevice apps and games? So you’ve decided to stop being a couch potato and get rid of that swelling belly? So you’ve decided to do something about your decreasing fitness levels after realizing that climbing stairs renders you breathless? So you’ve finally decided to hit the gym, but you don’t know
where to start? Body Fitness aims to resolve your problems by providing you with a guide to get those beefy arms and six pack.

To be perfectly honest, Body Fitness is, in rather crude terms, idiot-proof. Providing visual examples as well as written instructions on how to perform specific exercises, the developer claims that this application contains over 320 exercises! My only gripe about the tutorials would be that they are presented using drawings, and I would have preferred it if they replaced their cartoons with actual human models. The app provides step by step explanations to each exercise, and should prevent you from looking like a lost fool in a room full of adrenaline pumped junkies.

For beginners, the app has preset workouts you can adopt. While these workouts are decent, the athlete in me finds them rather inadequate. You’ll notice muscle gains for two or three weeks, but expect to hit a plateau if you continue to follow those workouts after. This app only serves to show how exercises are to be performed in good form, but don’t expect to rely totally on it to turn your weak body into a Terminator.

In Conclusion

For 99 cents, Body Fitness is definitely worth the money. Although, it is really meant for beginners, seasoned sportsmen may still find it useful when they hit the gym. With that said, do not depend on it entirely, for you will still need to read up on your own, on muscle gaining techniques. This merely serves as a basic guide to lifting weights.