Tilt to Live developer One Man Left has released some new details about their second iOS game, Outwitters. It will be a multiplayer, multi-race strategy game the first of which are fearsome robots knows as the Feedback. According to their development blog, Adam and Alex are currently running through some testing with the Feedback. Here is what Adam had to say regarding Outwitters’ races and a detailed description of the classes available within this Feedback race.

When you pick a race in Outwitters, you’re choosing two things: what do I want to look like, and what’s my special unit? Every race has 5 standard units plus one exclusive, special unit.

Soldier: Balance of speed & strength
Runner: Fast mover, weak fighter
Heavy: Packs a punch, but gets around a little slower
Medic: Lover, not a fighter
Sniper: Long-range, low mobility
Special Unit: Unique for each race

The sixth unit isn’t a “super unit” at the time of this writing. You can create one for the same price as anything else, and use it whenever you want. They may not march effortlessly across the battlefield leaving only devastation in their wake, but they do have unique abilities to keep your opponents on their toes.

For the Feedback in our prototype, the special unit is called a Scrambler. It’s an incredibly persuasive, cybernetic floating brain. It’s special power: possession! If you manage to corner an enemy with a Scrambler, you can instantly brainwash him to join your team. It’ll even hijack another race’s special unit, so you can use their own abilities against them.

Each race in Outwitters will also have a “home turf” map theme that compliments the character designs. For instance, the Feedback’s world “uses a lot of dull grays and browns to give it a doom-and-gloom, industrial vibe”. Adam describes the board layout as follows:

The colorful spaces with the team logos are spawn points, which are the spaces you tap to create new units. The space with the flag on it is a capture space, which I can explain for you guys another day. Suffice it to say, those help you gain the upper hand. And the number floating beside each unit displays its health.

Just last week they were able to get asynchronous play working in their prototype and Alex and Adam had their first online test of Outwitters. The game appears to be coming along nicely and it definitely looks like it will be another winner for One Man Left. No word yet on whether Whitacker Blackall has been tapped to once again to provide the game’s soundtrack, though I certainly hope so. Outwitters is scheduled to be released as a free-to-try game on both the iPhone and iPad sometime later this year. For all the latest developments on Outwitters, make sure to follow One Man Left’s official Outwitters development blog.