Mika Mobile? That sounds familiar. Oh yeah, they are the people who created Zombieville USA, that old game for iPods that had the cheesy graphics we all loved! Well guess what…Mika is back, cheesy graphics and all, with Battleheart, a brand-new RPG game. Set in the medieval times, this addictive game puts you in control of a customizable party of four heroes (Final Fantasy, anyone?).

Battleheart has all the classic elements of a RPG game. It’s kind of refreshing to see a 2D game in the midst of the current wave of two-stick controller 3D games everybody keeps putting out. While easy to play and learn, Battleheart does lack a story. Like Zombieville USA, you can expect Mika to release content updates in the near future. Battleheart is a universal app and is currently available for $2.99.

The game uses real-time mechanics, meaning both your characters and any enemies won’t attack or move through turns. Instead, you can control any of your characters at any time, and all opponents will follow. I, for one, loved this style of gameplay, and even though there’s bound to be another similar real-time RPG game out there, I found the concept very original.

Defeating the various waves of enemies in the game rewards you with both gold and experience for your heroes. For every 5 levels your heroes gain they are rewarded with a unique ability that may be a special attack, healing abilities, or passive effects. Gold is the currency in the game that allows you to recruit new warriors, upgrade current armor and weapons, or buy useful items at the Armory. The game provides players with a lot of financial freedom, and replaying levels for more gold is almost required in harder levels.

In Conclusion

Battleheart currently offers over 50 levels of monster-mashing fun, including several “arenas”, where you fight for survival against endless hordes to earn rare items. This game definitely has a LOT of replay value. I would suggest it to anyone, whether they enjoy RPG games or not, because this game is addictive, straight out.