Looking for a car mount for your iPhone or iPod Touch? The LUXA2 H5 Mobile Holder brings the great versatility, secure grip and 360 degrees of rotation of LUXA2’s H1 desktop stand to your vehicle’s windshield. Made of lightweight aluminum, this vehicle mount is not only attractive, but is one of the most sturdy windshield mounts I’ve had the pleasure of using. The sleek smooth black aluminum bands and spider-like grippers give the H5 a modern and sophisticated look. The mount’s distinctive six rubberized adjustable supports which hold the sides/bottom of your device keep it securely in place while you are on the move. The grippy rubber pad which sits at the rear of your device adds an additional bit of cushioning and hold on your device, but can be a bit of a dust magnet.

The rubber claws (as LUXA2 refers to them) are a bit longer and flexible than those of the H1-Touch desktop mount, but they are trumpeted at the ends to make sure your iPhone stays put. It is worth noting that one of these arms sits right between the iPhone’s two volume buttons, making them a little difficult to access while in the mount. This could be an isssue for some people, but since I tend to connect my phone to my car stereo, I control the volume via the radio controls (not the phone) so I’ve never had a problem with this. Once you pinch the arms to closed around your device, you can actually still get your device in and out of the mount farily easily with just one hand, and without the need to readjust the mount each and every time. This means picking up the phone to answer a call, or grabbing it when you get out of the car is quick and easy.

The H5 Mobile Holder is adjustable to fit all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as all types of cell phones, PDA, smart phones, GPS, MP3/MP4 and PSP devices. It is open at the bottom and top, leaving full access to the headphone jack and 30-pin connector port on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The mount attaches securely to the windshield via a large suction cup with a special suction lever which helps provide a more secure adhesion. Should it need to be removed, the H5 easily unlocks with a one-touch lock & release button, making it simple to transfer between cars if necessary. Once attached this thing is going nowhere! I’ve had it on my windshield for about a month now and it hasn’t moved since I attached it. In fact I didn’t experience any noticeable vibration or shaking of the mount while driving, even on bumpy roads.

As I mentioned earlier, LUXA2’s H5 mount let’s you rotate your device a full 360°, for both horizontal and landscape viewing, making it perfect for GPS applications. I should also note that there are multiple points of articulation on the aluminum bar portions as well, for both vertical and horizontal angling, allowing for perfect positioning for the driver or even sharing with the front-seat passenger. Like its desktop equivalent, the rotation and tilting of the H5 is very fluid and smooth, and no matter what angle you decide on, your device stays put, right where you want it. Unlike other windshield mounts I’ve used in the past, there was absolutely none of that gravitational effect you tend to see with cheaper units, where the weight of the phone slowly causes your device to shift out of position.

In Conclusion

LUXA2’s H5 Mobile Holder is a solidly built windshield mount that will securely hold your iPhone (or other mobile device) in place and accessible. The H5 far superior to many of those cheap plastic goose-neck stands that shake all over the place while driving. Although the product feels like very high quality and looks fantastic, the high $49.99 retail price may scare away some potential buyers. If it were priced about $20 less, I think it’d be a lot more attractive to consumers. Some states, like California, do not allow the use of windshield mounts, so make sure you check your local laws before purchasing this or any car mount. If you have the means, and are in the market for a windshield mount, the LUXA2 H5 should be on your short list.

About LUXA2

Established in March 2009, LUXA2 is a division of Thermaltake, the popular manufacturer high performance PC components. It’s focus is on the luxury consumer market.