Minigore is a graphically rich, twin-stick shooter that most fans of this genre should be familiar with. Far from being a newcomer to iOS, Mountain Sheep’s outing has received numerous updates and various improvements since it was first released 15 months ago. The story starts (and ends) as you take control of John Gore and attempt to protect your land from an endless swarm of creatures known as furries. John can be controlled like the majority of games in this genre, with one stick controlling his movement and the other controlling his weapon. Minigore contains nine other characters which can be unlocked throughout the game and a further six which are available through In-App Purchase. Fans of games such as Zombieville USA and Hook Champ will instantly recognize a number of the unlockable characters, some of which come with their own special traits. These include the ability to wield dual machine guns, the ability to sprint after taking damage and the one that nobody wants, the in-ability to shoot straight.

The game currently has two maps to choose from, both of which can be played at normal, expert and insane difficulties. This is chosen when first beginning a map and unlike previous versions of the game, cannot be changed until after your character’s demise. As there are no health pickups throughout the game, you must try to keep your three hearts intact for as long as possible. An auto aim feature has been implemented to aid you in this, although personally I always survive longer when I turn it off. Furries come in numerous shapes and sizes from small fast ones, to bigger slower ones and even explosive ones that can be used to your advantage. During your battle, crates which can also be used as explosives, will drop from the sky carrying shotguns and grenade launchers to help in your quest for survival. Scattered throughout each map at different intervals are also green Clovers. After collecting three of them your character will turn into a special beast that can stampede through your enemies, defeating them and creating some nice scoring multipliers along the way. After a horde of furries has been defeated, you’ll face a mini-boss known as a Wolfworm. These generally come in pairs, differ in size and can regenerate if its sections aren’t destroyed quick enough.

Although I haven’t come across any problems of my own, Minigore’s Blog indicates that some gamers are having issues with certain Game Center achievements, as well as with a bug that leads to a black screen. Following the addition of Game Center, Open Feint support including leaderboards and achievements has been completely removed. The developers have stated that they could do little about this, but it’s bound to alienate some gamers who own older devices. The iPad version of the game hasn’t received the game’s latest Halloween update, as the developers wish to bring it straight up to episode four. This means it currently lacks a character, Game Center integration, a remade level and the new scoring system that was recently implemented in the iPhone version.

In Conclusion

Future updates have already been promised for this game and should arrive in due time. Multiplayer over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has been mentioned for future releases as well as a new map, a new enemy and a feature listed only as ??? A comic and an encyclopedia giving the story behind the game and an insight into its characters are also both set to be included down the line. Minigore is one of the best games in its genre and delivers on fun where so many fail. If you are a fan of twin-stick shooters, or just looking for a great action game for iOS, you can’t go wrong with this.