If there is one actor in Hollywood that would rank at or near the top of pretty much anyone’s “creepy but talented” list it would have to be Christopher Walken. Always playing quirky characters, he’s one pale odd…odd man. Now Rocket 5 Studios’ iSpoof Walken puts an interactive Walken on your iDevice.

Generally I don’t buy “entertainment” apps as they don’t tend to keep my attention for very long. Although being a fan of Christopher Walken, curiosity got the better of me and I picked up iSpoof Walken. The app presents you with cartoon depiction of Christopher Walken lounging in a smoking jacket and slippers in his home study, surrounded by his “prized possessions”. When you tap on the various objects throughout the room, Walken tells you anecdotes, sings songs and recounts stories. While the actual Christopher Walken is no way affiliated with the app, Walken impersonator Kris Johnson, does a really nice job with the voice work and sounds very much like the real deal.

There are over 25 different objects you can select and each will give you more than one response (150+ in all), so there is a fair amount of content. At times I could help but feel like I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit and as such, the humorousness of the responses is a bit of a mixed bag. Overall I think Walken fans will get a kick out of the stories. There is even a magic 8-ball-like feature where Walken can tell your fortune. Listen to 1 of 3 stories you’ll hear when you touch the boxing gloves:

While there is not a lot to the graphics, they look nice and crisp. iSpoof Walken is a universal app, so it’ll look great on both the iPhone and iPad. The illustrator has done a really great job at capturing Walken’s features. One negative is that there is very little animation, I would have liked to have seen Walken get up and dance. While the study does present a great location for some crazy stories, I hope that the app will be updated to add additional locations; how great would it be to see Christopher Walken grocery shopping, expunging on the merits of the kiwi fruit?!

In Conclusion

In general, entertainment apps have limited longevity and while humor is subjective, Christopher Walken fans will most certainly get more than a few laughs out of iSpoof Walken before it gets old. It’s easy to see that the developers of the app are Walken fans and some thought and talent went into capturing Walken’s essence in both sound and content. The app usually costs 99¢, but right now it has just been made free for a limited time, so make sure to grab a copy and have a few laughs.

More Sample Sounds

1 of 5 stories you’ll hear when you touch the rocket ship

1 of 3 stories you’ll hear when you touch the couch

1 of 3 stories you’ll hear when you touch the Faberge Egg