The Package” by Rock Pocket Ltd. is a challenging, and often too difficult puzzle game. Your objective is to transport a box, via widgets (tools), to the goal zone. The faster you complete the level, the higher your points. There are also small golden boxes which add bonus points if you are able to collect them on your way to the goal. The graphics are crisp and clean and make gameplay more enjoyable than many of the “normal” looking puzzle games out there. The camera is easy to use, with zooming in or out controlled by a pinch of the fingers.

Levels are comprised of individual rooms, each with their own style and theme. With 20 levels in all the game initially appears small, however, once in the game you soon discover why so few levels were developed. The puzzles are increasingly difficult to beat. As the levels progressed my time to beat them increased up to 45 minutes per-level and sometimes even longer. This is definitely not a game for those who are easily frustrated. At the time of this review, I am currently stuck on level 6 (and have been for more than an hour). The game offers few tips to players and there are no “hints” or assists if you are stuck on a level, allowing the player to struggle mercilessly to complete it. Recently I discovered the developer’s website does offer a link to their “walkthrough” channel on YouTube. Although, this is time consuming, especially when switching back and forth between the YouTube application and the game on the iPhone 3GS. A major con is the game’s failure to introduce new widgets to the player as they become available. Instead, you must waste time (and points) searching and exploring the widget screen for new tools and information on how they work.

To make the game more approachable to all levels of gamers, a difficulty leveling system should be added or perhaps limited “hints” be offered. This game is not for the casual gamer, and if you fall into this category, you will wind up wondering why you are playing a game that delivers more frustration than pleasure. I’d recommend The Package only to serious puzzle gamers who enjoy a challenge and don’t get easily frustrated. The good news is, the developer has announced a new update (currently in development) which will incorporate a “hint and snap system”. I’m looking forward to this update and remain optimistic this will increase the gameplay experience.

In Conclusion

The Package needs work to make it more enjoyable solely for the ease at which players end up stuck, indefinitely, on a level. However, the game has a great feel and very nice graphics and with a couple of changes, it could be great, simply enhancing the pros it has already. Unfortunately it currently does not live up to its full potential. Look for an update to this review once Rock Pocket releases their update containing the “hint and snap system”.


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