Origin8 has just annouced their February Freebie Fever promotion which begins tomorrow, Friday February 5th. To celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of their hit title, Sentinel: Mars Defense, Origin8 will have a series of weekend giveaways.

Every Friday in February, Origin8 will drop the price of one of their games to free for the weekend. The planned list of games involved in the promotion include: Car Mania (a time-management path drawing game), AirBear (a Doodle Jump meets Karuki style game with just a hint of ragdoll physics) and Sentinel: Mars Defense (a sci-fi themed tower-defense game). We will surely let you know the free title of the weekend as part of our Friday Freebies post, but details will also be posted on Origin8’s official website, twitter stream and Facebook page.

Origin8 had the following to say regarding their upcoming promotion:

“The Sentinel: Mars Defense anniversary provides us with a great excuse to spread some love to our players, and it’s a logical point for us to take a look back over an exciting year,” said Sentinel designer and programmer Paul Jackman, “Our aim is to develop games that stand out for their high quality and we want to get them into as many hands as we can. The iPhone as a gaming platform has grown spectacularly over the past year – many current players won’t have owned an iDevice at the time of the original Sentinel release, so we’re giving them a chance to catch up with our back catalogue for nothing.”

“We’re not just looking backwards, of course,” added team producer David Manley, “Apple’s recent iPad announcement is great news for all App Store developers, and we have some more great products in the pipeline for release this year.”

About Origin8

Origin8 is an innovative mobile developer based in London, UK. With an experienced team whose credits cover a vast number of gaming platforms, they specialise in games and entertainment for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Origin8’s acclaimed products include “Sentinel: Mars Defense”, one of Apple’s App Store Anniversary top 30 games.