We’ve just gotten word from Clickgamer’s PR contact that they will be releasing a fantastic looking Puzzle/Brain Training game later this month.    We are hoping to get our hands on an early copy soon, to give you our full impression, but if the traikler is any indication, this game looks great.

Here is the full press release, followed by an action-packed gameplay trailer:

Clickgamer Announces Explosive Brain-Training Game, Genius Defense Force, for iPhone and iPod touch

New Puzzle Game Allows Players to Exercise Their Brain and Save the World!

United Kingdom, October 14th, 2009 – iPhone publisher, Clickgamer, has announced the stunning new brain-training game, Genius Defense Force, for iPhone and iPod touch.

Genius Defense Force offers gameplay where players must add, subtract, multiply and divide their way to victory. The full campaign offers 30 action-packed levels appealing to contestants of any age and skill level, with players receiving a performance grade after every stage.

Achieving all A’s will be a challenge that few can master, but each level is freely re-playable, meaning the battle is never completely lost! Advanced gaming modes for true geniuses are also included should players overcome Standard and Easy modes.

Genius Defense Force gives casual players a fun way to improve their math skills while blowing stuff up,” said Jon Wofford, Creative Director of Apocalypse Train. “In contrast, hardcore gamers can take on a new gameplay experience that challenges their reaction, brainpower and problem-solving.”

Genius Defense Force offers a unique and sophisticated blend of action and puzzle elements for people of all ages,” said Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing for Clickgamer. “Kids will enjoy playing without even know they are practicing their math abilities with its fun story, intense action and exciting special effects. Adults can even play the advanced Guru Mode if they think they are smarter than the kids!”