To celebrate their new update, Moyo Studios has made their Game of da Dead title FREE for a limited time. We have no idea how long this will last so GET DA GAME NOW!

Game of da Dead is a zombie-themed tower defense-style game (but apparently with a lot more action).  It offers over 100 unique levels spread across 5 (unlockable planets) and 10 different types of power ups.
Control the rotation of your gun turret with a circular thumb motion.
Powerups – Once you have saved one or more humans, you can send them out on missions to collect powerups by dragging your finger from the gun turret to the target powerup.
Machine gun – Press and hold the fire button on the screen to trigger the machine gun.
Rocket launcher – Press and hold the fire button to fire a rocket. The longer you hold the button, the further the rocket will shoot.
Seeking missiles – Tap on an enemy target to fire a seeking missile.
Mines – Double tap on the screen to arm a land-mine.

Checkout a gameplay video here: