ATCWK_PRThis summer, Cartoon Network is pulling out all the stops in an impressive cross-platform campaign to introduce an all-new sequel to their immensely successful Adventure Time: Card Wars franchise.

What began as a fake card game played in a 2012 episode of Cartoon Network’s award-winning original animated series, Adventure Time, became both a physical and mobile digital card game phenomenon in 2014.

Now things about to go full circle, with a series of milestone events and releases in July and August…

First up is a new Adventure Time episode titled “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” set to debut on Cartoon Network on July 7th in which Jake needs his daughter Charlie’s help to win a top-tier Card Wars doubles tournament against a longtime rival.

After airing on Cartoon Network, the episode will be available for purchase/viewing on digital platforms the following day.

Then on July 12th The Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD is being released, featuring both the original “Card Wars” episode from the fourth season of the series as well as the brand-new “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” episode as well as a selection of 14 additional Adventure Time episodes AND an exclusive Card Wars promo card for the Card Wars Doubles Tournament physical game (releasing in August).


A couple of weeks later (July 21–24) Cartoon Network and Cryptozoic Entertainment will be debuting the aforementioned Card Wars Doubles Tournament at San Diego Comic-Con tabletop game before it is officially released.

Sometime in July, Cartoon Network and Card Wars mobile game developer by Kung Fu Factory, will be launching a follow-up mobile game experience called Card Wars Kingdom: The Game. According to CN, Card Wars Kingdom “re-imagines the Card Wars gameplay”, adding fan-requested PVP and tournament modes.

Adding yet another medium to the list, Penguin Books plans to publish an official Card Wars Kingdom guidebook later this year.

Finally, on August 3rd, Cryptozoic Entertainment will be launching Card Wars Doubles Tournament, their new table trading card game, which mirrors the experience of the Team Tournament featured in the “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” episode, by adding two vs. two battle play.

For those of you who weren’t counting, that’s FOUR unique mediums and loads of ways to enjoy the Adventure Time: Card Wars franchise.

This summer is certainly shaping up to be a great one for Adventure Time and Card Wars fans!

While I admittedly haven’t played the Card Wars mobile app in a little while (I was a bit frustrated by the energy meter), I rather enjoyed it when it first launched. I plan to pull it back out and dust off my skills as I’m now super-excited for this surprise sequel and the idea of PVP play.

You can expect a lot more coverage on these releases when they launch in July.

UPDATE: The “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars” episode is now available for FREE viewing on Cartoon Network’s website and within the CN app or for purchase on iTunes, Amazonand other online stores.
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