Urinals, a time-management path drawing game (think Flight Control or Harbor Master), but with some Potty Humor, is free this week in honor of National Boss Day.

We have no idea how good this is, we just downloaded it ourselves.
All we can say is don’t hold it for too long, otherwise you’ll miss out on this deal.

Game Details:

The skills of a Flight Controller
The instincts of a Harbor Master
combined with the prestige and responsibility of being a RESTROOM ATTENDANT.

You call that service?

Urinals requires a keen sense of concentration and might be best played sitting down.

In any case, don’t expect your superiors to go easy on you. Managing restrooms is serious business.

Find out for yourself what’s the BIG STINK everyone’s making about Urinals.

  • Become the Ultimate Restroom Attendant by efficiently managing the patrons in your domain.
  • Create paths for the patrons to guide them to their appropriate destinations.
  • Complete the levels without letting any of the patrons touch each other… ewww.
  • Explore 12 different layouts.
  • 36 increasingly challenging levels.