What kid doesn’t love puzzles with cute colorful animals and fun, catchy music?  Pentanimals is an entertaining and challenging puzzle game by Little White Bear Studios.  Using up to twelve colorful oddly-shaped animal themed pieces, you must find a way to arrange the pieces so that they all fit into the game board without overlapping.  You can tap on a piece to flip or rotate it to get it to fit. There are 72 puzzles to solve which are divided into 3 different age categories, 5-6, 7-8 and 9+.  So there is a nice range of difficulty levels and a built in hint system to get things started, if you have absolutely no idea where to begin.  Rather than sitting back for some mindless entertainment, this game actually gets you thinking, so it’s perfect for when you want something that is a little challenging.


While this game is definitely geared more toward kids, adults will probably find the 9+ puzzles to be a bit of a challenge as well (assuming they skip the hints).  Little White Bear Studios also has an “adult” version called Zentomino (on which this game was based) which offers more than twice as many puzzles and fewer hints.  As the name suggests, it offers a Zen garden them instead of the more cutesy animals of Pentanimals. So if you are looking for more of an adult-level challenge, we’d recommend picking up Zentomino instead, otherwise Pentanimals should entertain anyone in your family.

If you are looking for a game that involves a little thinking and puzzle solving, then Pentanimals is a perfect choice.  Lite versions of both Pentanimals and Zentomino are both available worth checking out, if you are still on the fence.