Before playing this “game” (more of a quiz really) I didn’t know
much of anything about it, other than it was in the top 25. My brother
came running into my cubicle with his iPhone saying I had to try it.

Control/Gameplay [5/5]

The game consists of a series of questions, many of which are worded in
such a way that when you try to read/answer them quickly you will get
them wrong, forcing you to start the test completely over or from a
pre-determined checkpoint. The goal of the game is to answer the
questions in the fastest time possible, by touching various objects on
the screen.

I found myself often getting frustrated (in a fun way) that I didn’t
read something and had to re-do a portion of the test as I raced to
beat my brother’s score.

Graphics [5/5]
The graphics are clear and well designed and have a professional look
to them. This doesn’t look like something that someone just cheaply
threw together in a few minutes, some definite skill/effort went into
the design of the graphical elements of this game.

Sound [5/5]
The sound effects were appropriate and well done

Replayability [3/5]
There are only a few instances where I can see this game having replayability
– You try to memorize the answers and keep retaking the test to improve your time
– You let your friends play on your device and laugh at them as they get frustrated
at certain questions (just like you did).
– You wait for more updates to get additional questions/features
(apparently there is going to be a lot more to come in the v2.0 update)

The game would do well to have an option to randomize the order of
the questions to help avoid a wrote memorization pass through the test.

Final Verdict [3/5]
I know the game is only $0.99, but I think there are other games on the
app store (for the same price) that offer a lot more replay than this.
I’d recommend convincing a friend/relative to buy it and then just
playing it on their device…save your money for something else (like
Flight Control…review coming soon)

Official Site
Buy it now: The Moron Test