A Preschooler’s Perspective : Toca Store

One of Emily’s most favorite make-believe games is to play “store”. Usually I am the shopkeeper, purveyor of all manner of wares from stuffed animals to plastic food, bracelets to blocks. Emily strolls around her playroom with her plastic shopping cart, returning to me for price checks and swipes of her (thankfully fake) credit card…


Telltale Games Throws One Heck Of A ‘HECTOR’ Sale


Telltale Games has dropped the price of all three episodes of its Hector adventure games series to $2.99 each. This brilliant series, which was developed for Telltale Games by Straandlooper Animation, follows the adventures of Detective Inspector Hector, an alcoholic still recovering from his last bender, who as been put in charge of diffusing a…


Land-A Panda Is The Only Barrel Blasting Panda Bear Game You Need

One of my favorite quirky games for the iOS is “Meow Meow Happy Fight”, a twin stick shooter where you play as various anime & Japanese inspired….things like cats and vending machines vs other weird Japanese-inspired things. You really need to play it to “get it”. The first thing that drew me to Meow Meow…