The newest revision of IUGOME’s popular Star Hog’s game was stuck in the Apple review queue for nearly 3 months, but has finally surfaced and the list of changes is startling. IUGOME has thrown in a boatload of new features, including an entire 32-map campaign mode! Star Hogs has now returned to its original $4.99 price tag, but as you will see below your are getting loads of content for your money.


  • Additional free 32-map Alpha Centauri Campaign! (This was originally intended to be DLC as in-app purchase but has been switched to a FREE update)
  • In-game messaging system. Tease, taunt and congratulate each other in-game!
  • Players announce their entry into online battles.
  • Ability for losers in a 3 or 4 player battle to receive their earnings first then decide whether to spectate or leave an online battle.
  • Improved in-game graphics with updated textures and parallexing background 3d objects
  • Scrolling window will now remember their previous position
  • Automatic backup & restore system to prevent save file corruption
  • IUGO VIP System for rewarding game referrals
  • Invite friends feature
  • Save/Resume for Campaign & FreePlay modes
  • NEW WEAPON: Nuclear Strike
  • NEW WEAPON: Matter Missile
  • NEW MINE: Paint Mines
  • NEW circular map for FreePlay & Online
  • NEW flat map for FreePlay & Online
  • Camera control when it is not player’s turn
  • Audio & Vibrate alarm when a match is found in QuickPlay
  • Better disconnection handling (Online game delayed due to lag will resolve within 60 secs)
  • Improved online multiplayer synchronization
  • Certain detectable non-cheating disconnection situation will result in players being disqualified to avoid point deduction (However, the loss will still have to be taken)
  • Numerous hanger issues/crashes fixed
  • Possible rankings page crash fixed
  • 10-pt font fixes
  • Introduction camera panning issue fixed
  • Airplane mode crash fixed
  • Load to 50% crash fixed
  • Username/password saving bug fixed
  • Better physics resolution to avoid mines falling through asteroids
  • Hanger menu bug fixes
  • Players spectating an online battle now has auto fast-forward as well to reduce lag
  • Online game room’s properties can no longer be changed once room is created
  • Homing / Swarm energy cost lowered to 45
  • Refinery bonus reduced to 35%
  • Shield projector shield amount increased to 225
  • Energy laser shield damage increased from 2x to 2.5x
  • Removed initial impact force from cluster bomb
  • Homing sensors now increase homing rocket acceleration
  • Reduced EMP missile homing
  • Ranking points will now be modified by # of ships in battle. The more ships in battle, the more points awarded for wins/losses.