The latest update to Godzilab’s iBlast Moki (v1.1) is out now. Godzilab had intended to to get this out in time for Halloween, but unfortunately due to an issue with the update’s first submission, they missed Halloween by a couple days. Apple was kind to do an express review and now you have access to some great new Halloween-themed Mokis as well as a completely redesigned online sharing menu.

We figure that as long as you still have Halloween candy left, you can still celebrate Halloween, right?!


Here are the main features for this update:
  • New completely redesigned online menu with new filters (filter by level designer, style, difficulty and featured by Godzilab).
  • New Scary Halloween Mokis
  • The Halloween environment can also be used when creating your own levels.
  • New languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish.


Smaller improvements:
  • Added a button quit when you finish a level.
  • Better item manipulation when zoomed in or out.
  • New sound when timing the bombs.
  • Fix crash bug when placing elements outside of the physical space.

Godilzab is also actively working on the next update (1.2), which will have loads of new content, including 3 new worlds with their own exclusive graphics, as well as 2 completely new items with their own physics.

One of these new worlds will contain the 10 best levels selected from the iBlast Moki creation contest. If you haven’t already entered, there is still time, the contest is accepting submissions until Sunday Nov. 8 and you can win upto $250 in iTunes Gift Cards. Further details can be found on Godzilab’s website –