We’re Giving Away Free Copies of Boardnaut Studio’s Newly Released Digital Board Game App, ‘Maquis’


When Boardnaut said “really soon”, I guess they meant it, because Maquis just launched on iOS today. Maquis is a solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals. The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals (blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers, aiding spies etc.). At the same time collaborators and…


Newly Available On iOS : Super Stickman Golf 3, Pokémon GO, Dead Venture, Out There Chronicles and More


There seems to have been quite a few new iOS game releases this week, but this post focuses on what we feel were the best and/or most promising looking new titles of the week. We’ll start this week with Super Stickman Golf 3, the latest game in one of my absolute favorite game series on…


Boardnaut Studios Is Really Close To Releasing iOS Port of Award-Winning, Solitaire Worker-Placement Game, ‘Maquis’


Last month, Austrian development studio Boardnaut released a free dice-based solitaire board game called Land 6 on iOS. Now we’ve just gotten word that they are “really close” to releasing an iOS version of the award-winning solitaire worker-placement game, Maquis on iOS as well. Designed by Jake Staines in 2013, Maquis was nominated for a…


Mutate, Multiply and Unleash Your Crustacean Cavalry In ‘Crab War’


Picture a dazzling, underwater world featuring revenge hungry crabs and swarms of strategic attacks on the reptiles that seized their homes. Then add mutilation, evolution, customizable game play and you’ve got Crab War. Your deity of crabs faces the ultimate challenge, destroy over 50 ugly, reptile beasts that sit 6 times your size. You will…


Racing With The Force To Find Movies On iOS : Apple’N’Apps & AppAddict Weekly Podcast Episode 190


Welcome to another episode of the podcast… Join us this week as we stream some really good movies about fast-moving squares using the Force to drag race luxury cars. We start the show with a discussion of the streaming movie tracking app Reelgood. Then we dive right into new games with a peek at the…


Newly Available On iOS : CSR Racing 2, LEGO Star Wars, NEO TURF MASTERS, Nanuleu and More


Along with the usual sales on previously released games, there are plenty of fun new iOS games to enjoy this holiday weekend. Kicking things off this week is the absolutely gorgeous drag racing sequel, CSR Racing 2. NaturalMotion and parent company Zynga have really done an impressive job with this latest CSR outing, easily regaining…