Hello there ladies and gents! Are you ready to ROCK? What’s that, you say? You can’t play? Well then no fear, because Stealth Bee Jam is here!

This ingenious app, created by Stealth Bee Studios, is somewhat comparable to GarageBand, only a lot simpler. The idea of the app is to allow users to quickly and easily improvise and create jams, and it requires absolutely zero musical experience. Each jam is based on a different genre of music, be it rock, blues, or pop. Once a jam is selected, the user can experiment with the three different instruments, each with 18 different built-in riffs and a scales of notes for you to create your own riffs. At the top of the screen, there is a drum machine-type feature that allows you to select sound effects and create backup music.

The base app includes two jams, and there are several others (including one that is free) you can download. Even jams within the same genre of music may not have the same instruments or riffs. As you can imagine, this app is a lot easier to use than GarageBand, but still offers the musical creation experience. After recording a jam, you can replay it, share it with your family and friends, or even add it to your music library. I enjoyed the simplicity of the app, and I expect many additional songs to download in the future. I also liked the fact that no matter what riff you choose, it will always sound in time and in tune.

In Conclusion

Stealth Bee Jam is perfect for anyone who loves music, but cannot play an instrument. I do not, however, recommend it to any professional musician, as this app is more of a musical toy than a musical tool. Please also be aware that this app is currently only compatible with the iPad, although a version for other iOS devices would certainly be possible. Stealth Bee Jam is a great tool for any Rock Star wanna-BEE. I personally loved the app, being an amateur musician myself, and I’m sure most people who think they will enjoy it, will.