And by “all”, the folks at Thumb Arcade really mean “both” of their iOS titles, 6DOH (Six Degrees Of Hollywood) and My Underwear are on sale for 99¢. These titles usually cost $1.99 and $2.99 respectively. So, if either were on your wishlist, now would be a good time to buy them. Personally I don’t have any experience with My Underwear (insert snarky remark about my hygiene here), but it looks like it could be a fun one for the kiddos. However, I do own 6DOH and if you are a fan of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or just a movie buff, this may be a fun one to check out.

More about the games…
In 6DOH, the 2 minute clock is ticking and you must try to complete the game, scoring points by making the correct movie choices and actor connections to form the right connections. If your quick enough, you’ll bonus points for time left on the clock. Play alone or against a friend.

My Underwear is a silly game for your toddler to grade-schooler with a collection of mini games to “gently challenging hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills and pattern recognition”. Finger paint your own underwear design, feed hungry monsters with underwear falling from thy sky or test your child’s memory with a match game.