Wadjet Eye’s Blackwell 5: Epiphany Is Coming To iOS On Feb 18th…Rest of The Series Is On Sale


Wadjet Eye Games has just announced that they will be releasing an iOS version of the fifth (and final) game in their Blackwell adventure game series on February 18th. The series follows a spirit medium named Rosa Blackwell and her 1930s-era wisecracking, spectral sidekick Joey Mallone. This unlikely duo (forced together by a family curse)…


Don’t Miss Out On These Great Deals On Kid Friendly Apps From Toca Boca, Disney, Sesame Street and More


If you’ve got kids, the you may want to check out some of these great deals on apps from Toca Boca, Disney, Sesame Street, PlayDate, Dr. Panda and more. Save big bucks on all your child’s favorite characters from Grover to Elsa, Elmo to Doc McStuffins and even The Care Bears…remember them? There are plenty…


30 Million Messages Have Been Sent In ‘Clash for Dawn’ Since Launch


Clash for Dawn has hit 1.5 million downloads, a mere 100 days after launch. That’s 8 new players every minute. These players are sticking around as well, it seems, as over 800 years worth of collective gameplay time has been tracked, with 21 million mercenaries being hired, 144 million quests completed, and over 45 million…


Its The Year of the Kraken & Exciting Changes Are Coming to Hearthstone With An All-New Game Mode


Blizzard Entertainment just announced that in the coming months, some big changes will be made to their popular digital card battling game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft . Freshening up the game for Spring, they will be updating the nearly two year-old game with an entirely new way to play called Standard mode, while the current…


Sword of Chaos Could Be The Most Action-Packed MMORPG On Mobile


Sword of Chaos could very well be the most action-packed MMORPG on mobile, and it just launched on iOS and Android. You’ll choose from a few different classes and then fight your way through twenty levels of tough dungeons. Combat is combo-based, so you’ll have to learn how to perform your favorite moves to bring…


Untangling Apple Inc.’s Highlights : Apple’N’Apps & AppAddict Weekly Podcast Episode 168


Welcome to another episode of the podcast… Join us this week as Trevor and I crunch Apple’s numbers, while unraveling adventure with phantom felines, match tiles to fulfill orders and compete in America’s favorite pastime with teams of humans, robots and cyborgs. Last week Apple announced record Q1 earnings and Trevor I dig into all…