Video Review: Spigen Neo Hybrid Case For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


It’s been a while since my last video review, but I’m back. There wasn’t much new to review in the iPhone ‘S’-year line of cases, but now that we have two new, physically different iPhones, there are plenty of new cases to look at. Today I’ll be sharing my impressions of the brand new Spigen…

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Newly Available On iOS : Epic Zen Garden, Joinz, Ghost Blitz, Down Among the Dead Men, Exit Zone and More


What a week this is for Apple! iOS 8 launched today (Wednesday) and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus start arriving on US shores this Friday! Apple has already updated the App Store with fresh new look and all new featured picks. There are plenty of new apps and games arriving this week, along…


Hey Apple, It’s About Time! : Apple’N’Apps & AppAddict Weekly Podcast Episode 105


It’s launch week, and Trevor and I spend the first half of the podcast discussing the Apple event as well as the difficulties we encountered when trying to pre-order our new iPhones. Just a few more days to go… It was a fairly light week for apps, but Yahoo managed to put out a universal…


Win a Free Copy of The Charming New iOS Logic Puzzle Game ‘Partyrs’


One of last week’s more stand-out new releases on the App Store was a charming little logic puzzle game called Partyrs. The object of the game is to sort the guests at various parties to make everyone happy, using the least number of swaps. By tapping on the guests, or reading the sign they are…

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Newly Available On iOS : Spider-Man Unlimited, MUJU, Twelve a Dozen, Goblin Sword, Partyrs and More


After all the excitement of Apple’s big announcements on Tuesday, it seems like a fairly light week for new iOS releases. Gameloft kicks things off this week with Spider-Man Unlimited an animated episodic “narrative runner” in which the new Sinister Six, “who have opened a dimensional portal to summon different versions of themselves” and you…


Tin Man Gamebook Sale: Gun Dogs, Trial of the Clone, Spellcaster and Judge Dredd On Sale For As Low As 99¢


It’s time to get your read on… Tin Man Games has dropped the price on four of its entertaining gamebook apps by as much as 75%. If you are looking for something to help you pass the time until the big Apple iPhone announcement later today, then go ahead and grab one of these well-crafted…

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