Brown Dust, Neowiz’s popular strategy RPG has continued to grow bigger and better since its initial launch on mobile. With its most content-packed update yet, the game is now adding Companions, an exciting, player-requested feature.

Each is bonded to a specific Mercenary, even the less popular Mercenaries have one, and their main function is to boost their assigned partner’s level cap from +10 to +15. The addition of Companions will ultimately alter the current meta, meaning Brown Dust will be fresher than ever.

If you’ve yet to delve into Brown Dust, the game is a strategy RPG that requires you to think tactically about your turn orders and Mercenary placement on the battlefield. It’s initially accessible, though, as with all good strategy RPGs, there are layers of depth to the systems.

As your Companions continue to grow in power their look will change and you’ll unlock more of their backstory and lore. Using the game’s Fate system, you’ll be able to recruit the initial Companion for every mercenary – no need to spend your hard-earned Diamonds or Scrolls.

Beyond the addition of Companions, Neowiz will also be increasing pull rates for both Companions and Mercenaries. Plus, you’ll now be guaranteed a 5-star Companion by using a Chance-Up Banner and making a predetermined number of attempts.

To celebrate the 500-day anniversary of Brown Dust, log-in rewards will be handed out and players who compete in Event Challenges will have the option to exchange materials for up to three fresh Companions. Beginning July 18th, anyone who logs in will earn themselves some Diamonds, a random 5-star Mercenary, and other great rewards.

So, if strategy RPGs are your thing, head along to the App Store or Google Play to download Brown Dust.

Download your copy of Brown Dust:

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