Last year was certainly a prolific one in terms of digital board games on iOS.

I’m sure I probably missed a few, but were well over 25+ notable digital board game releases including the original standout Meteorfall: Journey from first-time developer Slothwerks.

Much like they did in 2017, Asmodee Digital once again, CRUSHED IT with loads of new and updated digital board game releases across a wide variety of platforms, not just iOS.

That doesn’t even include the free and paid content updates that came out for previously released titles like the Fifth Ingredient expansion for one of my absolute favorites, Potion Explosion, the Fire & Ice expansion for Terra Mystica, the Cities and Strongholds expansions for Splendor and more.

Even more digital board games coming in 2019!

In January, USM launched an impressive port of Legends of Andor and developer Himanshu Kapoor released his cute, original strategy card game Sheeping Around.

As we previously reported, North Star Game’s Evolution The Video Game is due out next week and Asmodee Digital and Dire Wolf have big slates of games planned for this year. Though I bet we can still expect a few surprises from Asmodee along the way.

Dice Hate Me Games / Greater Than Games is currently working on the digital version of Viva Java Dice which I’m hoping will release this year (fingers crossed that the long-rumored digital version of Great Heartland Hauling Co. makes an appearance as well).

Handelabra is scheduled to release their successfully Kickstarted iOS (and Steam) version of Aeon’s End in June/July of this year.

The aforementioned Slothwerks is currently developing Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale, an exciting looking new, original digital card game which takes place in same universe as Journey. It is unclear if this will be a 2019 or 2020 release.

One of my favorite studios, DIGIDICED (who released two new titles in 2018), is working on a digital release of Stefan Feld’s award-winning strategy game, The Castles of Burgundy.

Lastly, I’m hoping that this’ll finally be the year that we see CGE’s digital release of Codenames and/or maybe iello will surprise us with their LONG-overdue digital release of King of Tokyo.

Beyond iOS (and Android), there are also quite a few digital board games coming to Steam, and the Nintendo Switch seems to be a hot new outlet for digital board gaming as well. So this year there will be plenty of ways to get your board gaming fix when physical gaming is not possible.

Here are some of the notable iOS digital board game releases of 2018*

*I know I cheated a little and a few of the titles listed below actually came out in the last couple of weeks of 2017.








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