No sooner had I published my review of Pitaka’s MagCase Pro when I noticed that their next big thing, the MagDock is coming to Kickstarter very soon.

The MagDock is an impressive-looking jack of all trades, multi-device wireless charger with a host of features allowing for convenient recharging all of your various (wirelessly charged) Apple devices including iPhones, Apple Watch and the upcoming 2nd edition of AirPods, as well as other non-Apple Qi compatible devices.

Unlike most wireless charging docks which offer one (maybe two) fixed positions, the MagDock has been specifically engineered to allow the entire unit to be twisted to whatever desired viewing angle you need. That means whether it be sitting on your desk, nightstand or counter top, you’ll always have a great view of your device’s screen as it charges. In other words, your iPhone is actually comfortably and conveniently usable while charging, unlike most flat Qi wireless charging pads.

There is also a built-in 7500mAh power bank meaning your devices can still be charged even without an AC power source and making MagDock an ideal traveling companion. You can use it even if you don’t have access to a power outlet or if the power goes out overnight, your devices will still be fully charged in the morning. As someone who uses their phone as their alarm clock, this is a nice, peace of mind addition.

The MagDock also comes with a Zip-&-Go travel charge kit and a companion App which allows you to keep track of the charging status of your devices.

If you are someone with a number of devices, or put your charging station in a central location for family use, then the MagDock is also extendable with the ability to add an additional wireless charging pad to charge more devices. In fact, even the additional charging pad is wireless; connecting to the main unit via a patented magnetic connector.

Currently we don’t have any detailed information regarding wireless charging speeds, pricing or the exact Kickstarter launch date, but the MagDock certainly looks like it could be a formidable contender for Apple’s own upcoming AirPower charging pad. Pitaka has said that their offering will be “more affordable than AirPower” which we also don’t know the definitive pricing for yet, but which rumors have pegged at somewhere in the $149 – $200 range.

I am an iPhone X owner and I’m planning to pick up the 4th gen Apple Watch (and possibly a wireless case for my 1st gen AirPods) so this looks to be a perfect charging solution for either my nightstand or my desk at the office and as I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve used from Pitaka thus far, I will be watching this closely.

I am going to try to get my hands on a MagDock ASAP to do a full review, but in the meantime, it checks off all the necessary boxes and is certainly looking quite promising for those who want a single all-in-one solution for their wirelessly charged devices.

If you act quickly, you can sign-up for their newsletter to get the earliest launch notification and Pitaka will even reward you a 20% OFF discount after it launches on Kickstarter.