Here’s some exciting news for digital board gamers…
When Tabletopia finally released its much-anticipated iOS/iPad client this past February, my excitement was honestly a slight bit tempered due to the rather small initial batch of supported launch titles (compared to the full PC/Mac catalog of games) and the app’s complete lack of Online Multiplayer support.

In the months since, the iOS catalog of games has grown to 31 titles, with four recently added games including the recently Kickstarted (and Funding Goal-destroying) drafting and tableau building card game Villagers.

Additional games from Tabletopia’s main game library are regularly being adapted for mobile format and will continue to be released in the future.

The four newest mobile titles include:


Card drafting and set collection game in which players are in charge of populating a new village, with the aim of it becoming the most prosperous one.

Cerebria: The Inside World

Pool building and area control game about spirits building an Identity composed of inner realms like Senses, Values and Desires.

Fantastic Factories

Engine-building and dice-placement game about setting up the most efficient set of factories by managing blueprints, training workers and manufacturing goods.

Clans of Caledonia

Route building economic game about historic clans of Scotland competing to produce, trade and export different goods.

However perhaps the biggest and most exciting news is that the long-awaited feature of online play is finally now available in the Tabletopia Mobile app. That means that on iOS there are now three game modes available – Solo, Hotseat and Online Multiplayer.

For right now iOS players can only play against/with other iOS players, but Tabletopia plans to add cross-platform support once they complete the Android release (which is currently in active development).

Tabletopia has four distinct several different access levels which determine your ability to create and/or join Multiplayer games.

  • Anonymous user (without logging in)
  • Guest account (without registration)
  • Free registered users (Bronze account)
  • Premium users (Silver & Gold accounts).

You do not need to register for an account if you’d just like to play either Solo or HotSeat games, however at least a Free/Bronze level account is required if you’d like the ability to create a table for an online multiplayer game (however, some of the premium content is limited to paying Silver and Gold subscribers). Once a table is created, you can invite guests to join for free, without registration.

Note that there is no support for in-game voice chat, so players will have to setup a separate Skype, Discord or similar connection to chat while playing.

More help and instructions for the iOS app are provided on Tabletopia’s website.

Download the Tabletopia app using the link(s) below