VC Mobile’s fantasy RPG Creature Quest is getting quite serious about Mother’s Day. From now until May 20, players (moms and not-moms alike) will be privy to a host of fun events and prizes in celebration of the holiday. The game’s already decorated with a floral, motherly theme to get into the spirit of things, but more adventures await beneath the surface.

Log into the game daily between May 11 and 18 and you’ll be treated to some pretty neat check-in prizes, including Battle Coins, Tickets, and a whole lot more as part of the Mommy Knows Best.

Truly intrepid adventurers will be pleased to hear that they’ll have a chance to face-off against the sly Sphinx (making her first appearance in the game) in the Mommy Meowgic quest. This exclusive quest, only available from now until May 20, could see you winning rare monsters like the Griffin, Mummy, or Lizard Man Archer.

The Mother Lovin’ summon event, from May 12 to 14, gives you even more opportunity to capture rare creatures. Diamond summons may give you the Sealed With a Kiss box, which could contain Legendary and Epic creatures including the Sphinx which you can only capture during this event.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a host of powerful monsters is a bit unconventional, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to jump back into Creature Quest. You can find the game on both iOS and Android.

Download your copy of Creature Quest below:

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