With all of these great Essen Spiel digital board game sales from German development studios, I’m starting to wish even more were based out of Germany.

Now USM has joined in the Essen Spiel celebration by putting a number of their iOS and Android digital board game apps on sale including CATAN, Pickomino (a favorite in our house), Kahuna, Ubongo and Wars of the Roses.

As we mentioned a few days ago, USM will be launching a brand new version of their CATAN app which replaces the existing ones, however, according to USM: “registered buyers of the old Catan app for Android and iOS can activate much of the Catan Universe content, free of charge”. So there should be no need to worry about picking one of these up.

Like the previous sales we’ve mentioned from both Digidiced and Outline Development, sale prices are good through the end of Essen Spiel on October 29th.