We’ve got some big news for fans of Paperback.

Last September, when Tim Fowers released his excellent digital adaptation of his unique word-building/deck building card game, Paperback, the ONE piece that was missing was support for online multiplayer games.

It took a while, but it was well worth the wait.

Today, surprisingly without ANY fanfare, the Paperback app was quietly updated to support asynchronous multiplayer games with up to 4 players.

Players can now create open games in which anyone can join, they can invite their friends to play, or have a combination of the two.

Since it is asynchronous, that means that players needn’t feel rushed, and can take their time to craft their words. Plus should a player decide to drop out of a game, a computer player will take over, so there is no break in the action.

It was super easy to get started with my first online game. I just updated the app on my iPad, created an account and created a new open game.

UPDATE: Hmm…there could be an issue with this update. Works great on my 9.7″ iPad Pro, but when I installed it on my iPhone 6+, now the game just crashes as soon as the app loads. Tried a fresh install and hard reboot of my phone, but still crashing. I’ve reached out to the developer.

GOOD NEWS! It appears that they’ve been able to track down the source of the bug. I tested a private build and the issue was resolved for me, so hopefully an update will be rolled out soon.

Paperback: The Game