Get on your batting glove and dust off home plate…it’s nearly time to PLAY BALL!

After an initial reveal at PAX East earlier this year, Handelabra (Sentinels of The Multiverse) has just announced that its highly anticipated digital port of Dice Hate Me Games’ baseball-themed card and dice strategy tabletop game, Bottom of the 9th will be getting a Gen Con release, launching on Thursday August 17th.

Bottom of the 9th puts you right into the most exciting moment in all of baseball. The visiting league leaders haven’t lost a game all year, and they were the heavy favorites going into today’s game. But the home team have given them a run for their money and managed to keep the game all tied up right until the end. It’s the Bottom of the 9th, and a single run will propel the underdogs to a legendary victory. But the fight has cost them. They got nothin’ left! If the game goes to extra innings, the visitors have the experience and stamina to take the game for sure. What will you do?

As a backer and owner of the physical game, I can’t wait to check out this digital adaptation.

No word on the pricing yet, but we’ll definitely have more details for you when we take the mound to check this one out in a couple of weeks.

For more details visit and watch the catchy trailer below.