With no advanced warning, this morning USM permanently pulled its digital port of the Rivals for CATAN app from the iOS App Store. The studio stated that “it is unfortunately not possible to update the game and its 32 bit architecture for iOS 11”.

If you already have the app downloaded onto your iOS device, you will still be able to play it, as long as you do not update that device to iOS 11 when it is released this Fall. If you own the app, but do not have it currently downloaded to your device, it is available from the Purchased tab on your device.

It is not all bad news though, apparently USM is “working full-speed on a completely new app which contains the card game “Rivals for Catan” (new name “Catan – The Duel”) with great new card duels for iPhone and iPad.” However, this will likely require existing owners of the app to repurchase the title when the new one is released.

One has to wonder if any of USM’s other apps will soon be casualties of the App-ocalypse as well. Keltis and Keltis HD haven’t been updated since 2013 and War of the Roses since 2014. None of these are 64-bit compliant. However, even though Pickomino hasn’t gotten an update since 2015, it appears to be 64-bit compliant.

Here’s the full statement that was posted on USM’s Facebook account this morning: